Qur’an is complete knowledge and about everything, it contains all kind of knowledge such as repots of what happened in the past, what are happening now and even about what is yet to come. It contains rule what is lawful and what is not, and of course it also contains whatever people need to know about their worldly affairs, their religion, their livelihood in this world and their destiny in the hereafter.

So our idea is to make easy for every people to find whatever they need to know, answers to their questions, solutions to their problems in the Qur’an - as easy as they use popular search engine in the internet.

Of course it is just a beginning, from time to time our organization Waqf Fund Indonesia (Yayasan Dana Wakaf Indonesia) will sponsor the ongoing development and improvement of this site. If you want to contribute in any way for this development, please just contact us at : ceo@waqf.id

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